In 2018, Management board of the Company, registered a new company specializing in the cultivation and industry of Jojoba and other plants (lemon grasses, pomegranate and pistachios), which was named as the Cultivar of Hirad Green Paliz. The company has an experienced staff and a specialized tissue culture and tissue laboratory at Isfahan Kabootar-Abad Research Center.

The lab activities above are based on three varieties of Jojoba and fruit trees as follows.

  • Cultivation of Jojoba’s economic size
  • Cultivation of the appropriate figure for the green space (ornamental) of Jojoba
  • Cultivation of the digestive tract (desertification) of Jojoba
  • Tissue culture of American pistachio cultivars
  • Tissue culture of American pomegranate
  • Cultivating and growing Lemon Grass plant
  • Growth and Detoxification of Stevia
  • Generate strategic and sensitive plants

Aims and Perspectives of the Hirad Green Paliz Corporation:

  • Anti-desertification (Watershed and Melting Sands Stabilization)
  • Environment (Fighting Micro-organisms and Restoring Wildlife)
  • Exporting plants to neighboring countries
  • Oil production in the industrial, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Research development
  • Employment
  • Collaboration with the government and environmental collections for the development of the country and the prevention of dust
  • Study and Research
  • Join knowledge-based companies